Benjamin Hansen

Publications/Submitted Papers

Life and Death in the Fast Lane: Police Enforcement and Roadway Safety (revised and resubmited at the Review of Economics and Statistics, with G. DeAngelo)

School Year Length and Student Performance: Quasi-Experimental Evidence (revise and resubmit at the Economics of Education Review)

Time for School? (Education Next Winter 2010, v(10) No. 1, with D. Marcotte)

Are the Effects of Minimum Wage Increases Always Small (revise and resubmit at Industrial and Labor Relations Review, with J. Sabia and R. Burkhauser)

Working Papers

Selection and Military Manpower (with J. Birchenall and S. Navarro) new version coming soon.

Consistency of Likelihood Ratio Tests for Regime Switching: Improved Inference using Subsampling (with D. Carter and D. Steigerwald) new verision coming soon.

Reemployment Services: Long Term Effects of a Short Term Program (with M. Michaelades and P. Mueser) new version coming soon.

The Effect of Minimum Legal Purchasing Age Laws on Teen Smoking (With D. Rees and J. Sabia).

Works in Progress

In School, Internal Risk. Out of School, External Risk (with M. Lang)

4-Day School Weeks and Student Performance

Alcohol Consumption and Workplace Injuries

Drug Traffic (with D. Rees and G. DeAngelo)

Life and Death in the Slow Lane: Further Evidence on Police and Safety

The Power of Bootstrap Methods when the Number of Clusters is Small (with D. Steigerwald)